Letters and Phone Calls


A return address must be on the envelope
All letters must be mailed to the facility using the following format
Inmate’s First and Last Name
DeKalb County Jail
150 N. Main Street
Sycamore, IL 60178

Incoming mail will be delivered to inmates Monday through Friday


Outgoing mail will be forwarded to the post office Monday through Friday


There is NO mail service on weekends or holidays.


Unauthorized Mail

  • Letters and cards with ornamentation, such as musical cards, plastics, stickers, glitter, adhesives, lip stick, any foreign substances
  • Photos larger than 4X6. Polaroid photos
  • Pictures depicting alcohol, drugs, gang affiliation, weapons, nudity or sexual content
  • Any reproductions of magazine articles, internet or newspapers
  • Books, newspapers, magazines without approval
  • Inmates may not receive blank paper, stamps or envelopes
  • Do not send cash or personal checks
  • Correspondence from other inmates is prohibited without prior approval. This includes a 3rd-Party outside the jail circulating mail into the jail
  • Packages are not accepted without prior approval

Phone Calls

Inmates cannot receive calls. Once they are booked in they are provided a phone card that allows for 5 minutes of phone time to obtain bond or let family know where they are. Additional calls can be collect or an inmate may use their funds to purchase $10 phone cards from the commissary.

Inmate Phone Service is provided by Combined Public Communications (CPC). Friends and family may set up an account to allow an inmate to call their number or purchase phone time that allows the inmate to call any number. Accounts can be set up and phone time may be purchased in the following ways:

Call CPC at


Use the CPC touch screen
kiosk in the jail lobby

A fee of 20% will be charged for all credit / debit card transactions and 15% for cash transactions at the lobby kiosk. Any questions should be directed to CPC at 877-998-5678.