The DeKalb County Jail opened the new expansion portion of the jail in 2018 increasing the total jail capacity from 89 to 140 beds with some additional holding cells located in the new booking area. The jail expansion is over 81,000 square feet incorporating a dedicated booking area, drive-thru sallyport, kitchen, storage areas, receiving dock, laundry, medical rooms, master control, program rooms, and housing of inmates.

Courthouse Security

The presence of Sheriff’s personnel at the courthouse provides the criminal justice system, its employees and the public a safer and more secure environment. The deputies working at the security station scan items brought in through an x-ray machine, insure all those entering pass through a metal detector, assist citizens and make arrests as needed.


Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) offers an alternative to incarceration by monitoring the degree of compliance to house confinement. Under EHM a client must wear a Global Positioning Satellite Transmitter, which sends an encoded signal to the monitoring center. This allows the Sheriff’s Office to continually monitor the client’s location and also alerts us if they leave their home at an unauthorized time.